Shoulder Mount v1.1

Today I finished some upgrades to my first attempt at a shoulder mount.  This new version includes separate rail-mounted hand-grips (thanks to some mt biker who left his bar-ends in my basement). The grips can be adjusted on the rails, or turned on the rod they are attached to.  They are extremely light weight.

The mount sits on the shoulder, and is adjustable for length, but not height.  It attaches to the rail mount under the camera with a simple wing nut, and can be removed easily, though as you can see in the photos, you can leave it on while it’s on the tripod, and it works fine.  Nearly all parts of this mount are recycled.  The large square pieces of aluminum are cut-offs from my stalled steadicam project.  The tubes are from an old tripod.  The shoulder ‘pad’ is a piece of the old foot rest in my Eskimo Salto kayak may she R.I.P.