Heavy Lift Quad Copter

I started yet another audacious project this summer, a heavy-lift quad copter, which, when finished, will carry a video camera into the sky and capture amazing footage for my projects.  I started with a ‘recipe’ gleaned from hours of reading aplanding.com and rcgroups.com.  Thanks to AJ, DJ, MorenoNYC, Mark Dana, Tkeeg and countless others.

Here is a list of what went into this so far:
1x MK FlightCtrl   ME
1x MK Pressure Sensor (mpx4115)
1x DCDC regulator (for servos)
4x 1hoch4 BL V1.0 30A max (16 kHz)
Radio: JRX9503 TX
4x APC SF et SFP 14×4.7 props            (I think I got smaller props later)
4x 12″ Align 450 tail booms
Rusty’s Frame
iCharge 206b w/ cables and PSU
2x 2S5000mah 7.4v Thunderpower Lipos
4x AXI2820 motors

Currently I’m able to fly for about 10 minutes on a charge, which is quite a bit less than I imagined.  Some of this is certainly due to the foam landing gear that I cobbled together, which blocks a lot of wind.  I was hoping to get 20 minutes without a camera onboard.  I haven’t started on the camera mount yet, but hope to soon.