Changes changes

Did some thinking, and I’ve made several changes to the cam/ride mechanism which should help with the issues I’ve been having.

1) made the bottom of the lift assembly thicker so it will have less chance to twist on it’s bearings.  I may at some point change this further to grip the post tighter- right now it’s just a set screw, but it might need to be a clamp instead.

2) the ride mechanism gets new larger bearings and shafts- going from 1/4″ to 3/8″ should help with the twisting.  

3) I moved the lift adjust screw to the side so the pivot for the ride mech. can be closer to the post, meaning a shorter moment on the twisting action

4) see #2- did the same thing on the bone side of the ride mechanism.

5) changed the cam, now it’s a single piece with a 3/8″ post sticking out.  


Hopefully these changes will help.

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