24fps prayer

So I just read this post on ProVideoCoalition by Adam Wilt- and honestly, I couldn’t disagree more.

He basicly is saying that he can’t wait for the day when we are all shooting and delivering 60P content, and that 24P is an ugly holdover from a past era and should be done away with.

While there are some technologies that I agree with this concept on – my pal Aaron brought up the B&W viewfinders on ENG cameras.  I mean seriously, I don’t see any advantage to them, and you could always turn the color off on your COLOR viewfinder to get the same look…

But I don’t see 24P going away ANY time soon, nor do I want it to.  I like my videos to look good, and to me, what looks good IS 24P.  Maybe someday some future generations of filmmakers will start a new film movement that makes 60P cool, but for now, they are not the films that look good to the VAST majority of filmmakers, and audiences (and I’m talking about audiences that can tell the difference).  For the people who can’t tell the difference- who cares?!  

You know what, let’s stop using oil paint because you can get a more life-like and detailed image with inkjet or an airbrush or something!  That’s a great idea.  Lets see how many oil painters and collectors want to make that change. 


There’s my first rant on my first blog.  Whoopie.

Video/Film Sensor Size Chart

After looking these up on wikipedia too many times, I decided to make just one chart that lists all the sensors size of the various DSLR, and video cameras out there, or coming soon.  I actually never understood that Super 35 (s35 on this chart) is the size of regular 35mm movie camera film, and is significantly smaller than full frame 35mm film.  I didn’t even go down below 1/2″ sensor size, because it’s just too depressing to see how small the sensor is on my HVX200.
Sensor Size Chart